How To Make Your Website Homepage Convert Browsers Into Buyers

In a world full of DIY this and template that, sometimes simple essentials get left behind. Spending tons of hours building a homepage for your website that makes browsers confused or lost makes for a lost sale.

That’s not the plan, right? You want a homepage that makes people hire/buy from you ASAP & convert 🔥🔥🔥.

An untrustworthy homepage of your website leads to browsers not just leaving your site but RUNNING.

Trust is SO important when designing your website and your homepage should be the most trust-jerking page on your website.

Trust = Conversions = Purchases = Happy Customers

Imagine, wouldn’t it be great to show up where you’re wanted most after the browser has searched high and low on Google for your fantastic service, and you’re able to provide the best experience for them on your website? Of course! That’s the goal of a website anyway – to convert browsers into buyers.

Today I’m going to share with you how I build the homepage of most websites that help small businesses convert browsers into buyers; aka, the digital conversion machine that never leaves for a smoke break or even lunch 🔥🔥🔥.

Put Your Best Foot Forward First

Within the first 3-5 seconds, it’s my rule to let the browser know three things on your website’s homepage:

  1. Who You Are
  2. What You Do
  3. Why You Do It

Make it clear why they should be on your website. This is often referred to as the above the fold area (the first section of your website and is typically underneath the menu). It should clearly enlist these three things. Then, add a call to action button that leads to the conversion (typically your contact page).

For Example:

How To Make Your Homepage Convert Browsers Into Buyers

Get to the Point, and Quick

Think like a stranger who’s never been to your site before. As a browser, if I already know you have all the goodies in the service that I’m looking for – chances are, I’m not reading any further. My next mission is to find the fastest way to contact you. On the other side of the coin, if you’re not what im looking for, I’m leaving without reading anything else.

Now, who’s reading your content?

No one, lol. We SKIM.

Your homepage should be easy to skim read through to grasp what’s going on quickly. #keepcreating

This is done by using strategic headlines and the placement of images. Your website should be built to guide the browser exactly where you want them to end up; in your inbox or with an item of yours in a cart.

Offer Something to Get User Data

Before anyone leaves your site – it’s beneficial to grab their information in case they don’t convert. Especially if you’re interested in your service, but not yet ready to buy.

This can be done easily with email marketing.

Specifically, a freebie.

A freebie is offering something of value for free like a specialized checklist, quiz, or PDF guide. The user gives you their user data (email) and you then have a chance to nurture them through an email marketing strategy.

To Wrap it Up

Traditionally, converting first time users on your website is the ultimate goal of having a website. These tips make it easy to navigate a browser exactly where you want them to end up with the needed information front and center.

Start with putting your best foot forward first.

This helps keep the user’s attention to learn your WHO, WHAT and WHY plus the specific action you want them to take.

Next, get to the point quickly.

Instead of meeting a browser with paragraphs of words they’d be intimated to read – help them skim with headlines.

Finally, offer something to grab an email address.

This will allow you to nurture leads who may have been lukewarm and need some heating up with email marketing.

Now, THAT is How To Make Your Website Homepage Convert Browsers Into Buyers 🔥. Using these tips, you’ll be on your way to a higher converting website.

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