Rebrand vs. Brand Refresh: Which is Best for You?

A common misconception on the topic of rebranding is that Investing in a new logo and updated website is a rebrand. So what’s the difference between a rebrand vs. a brand refresh? A brand refresh is an elevation to your brand identity assets. A rebrand can be defined as the adjustment of several factors but, […]

Mood Boarding for Your Business

Mood boards are derived to help both you and I establish the feeling and mood of your brand. In the mood board, you’ll find phrases, quotes, words, colors, and pictures that should give off the feel and style of your brand; before one sees or knows in actuality what you do. “Mood boards bring about […]

My Logo Design Process from Start to Finish

green plant in clear glass vase

Consultation You’ll let me know you’re interested in working with me by filling out my form on this page of my website. From there, you’ll be directed to book a slot on my calendar so we can hop on a call to get to know each other and learn I have solutions for your struggles […]

How to Pick A Color For Your Brand

In building a business, branding should be one of the first stops on your journey to success. Branding is the process of defining the overall identity of your business; the message you want to deliver, the positioning and reputation you want your business to uphold, and the visual elements (like a logo) that bring it […]

How To Make Your Website Homepage Convert Browsers Into Buyers

How To Make Your Website Homepage Convert Browsers Into Buyers

In a world full of DIY this and template that, sometimes simple essentials get left behind. Spending tons of hours building a homepage for your website that makes browsers confused or lost makes for a lost sale. That’s not the plan, right? You want a homepage that makes people hire/buy from you ASAP & convert […]