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Ready to design your brand or revamp your website in ONE day?

Need a professional logo or website done like NOW?

How about 8 hours...

If there was a simple, straightforward way to get a custom logo or website redesign without dealing with an unresponsive and overwhelmed designer who takes weeks to respond, would you finally feel comfortable committing to rebranding your business so you can show up professionally?

You’ve found a one-day solution to your problem. 

The Designer for a Day Package is an exclusive opportunity to grab either a custom logo or website redesign done in just one day.

Let’s see…You designed your logo or website by yourself (not as a designer) and it sucks. Maybe someone ran off with your money because you hired without properly investigating skills. If you’re a new business owner – this works for you too! 

Now people don’t trust you because of your lack of branding or you’re embarrassed to even show it. Maybe you haven’t even invested in your businesses’ marketing design for whatever reason but its time and you really don’t want to wait weeks or months for it to get done…

Imagine checking brand and website design off your list of tasks to do in 2021, and feeling super confident to show up as a business owner.

Seriously, there is no tricks or gimmicks involved here...

Just one day of laser-focused WORK.

Brand Logo Design

All in an 8-hour day, we can complete your full brand design together. And I do mean the whole shebang; an entire custom logo suite including primary, secondary, and favicon designs. We’ll also save time to tackle your color palette and typography leaving you with a FULL brand design done professionally and custom-tailored.

Complete Brand Design done in a day

Web Redesign

Now I won’t lie to you… we CANNOT complete a website from scratch all in one day. What we CAN do is revamp a homepage, sales page, or all-around new look to your already designed site. You bring the photos, copy, and platform and I’ll supply the design expertise to GET IT DONE allowing you to launch with your refresh within literally 24 hours. You must have a website already established for this. 

Website Redesign done in a day

The benefits keep rolling in...

because that's not all.

With every date-rate you’ll also get:

  • Pre-call consult + questionnaire to help m learn more about what you need. If we aren’t a good fit – you will get your money back! I am not here to just take your money without delivering.
  • Post-call summary and all of your deliverables (files in PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG, passwords, access, etc.)
  • Launch Flyer to let the world know what we’ve accomplished.
  • 10-Day post support after we’ve concluded our day together.

Ok lady, what’s the catch?

There literally is not one. I’ve just realized that after almost 5 years (full-time) in this business, it doesn’t take months to make transformations. Typically, my design process is done in a day so why not do it together to make things faster? It’s common sense to me. 

skip the line

ANY other service I offer is on a scheduled and monthly basis. You, my friend, can book RIGHT NOW and skip the line to your preferred date.

get it done

This has been on your radar for a while and it’s just not been properly fulfilled. Save the headache and let’s get it done in one day.

Save Time

In time you’d spend trying to DIY or hire the cheapest person you could find on Fiverr you could spend one day on this with me and get it right the first time.

Exclusive Access

My day is yours to keep. All communications and projects are on hold for the day so that you have my undivided attention. Scouts honor.

Wondering who you'll spend your

entire day with?

Hi, I’m Olivia.

It’s been about 10 years in this digital marketing field for me and I just can’t get enough. Have you ever wondered why you’ve been placed on this earth and found the solution inside of your kids, career, or godly gift? For me, it’s my career mixed with a bit of a godly gift. 

I’m a graphic and web designer who loves the art and creativity of digital marketing. I’ve mastered my craft over the years and am solely focused on creating more small businesses like mine. 

Listen – I get it. You probably don’t have the time to even read through this so I can imagine the lack of time you have for waiting on your brand to be revamped. Let’s just get going because I’ve told you just about everything.

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