Creatively Olivia is a Graphic and Web Design Studio based in Atlanta, GA providing logos, branding and website design.​

A luxury client experience begins with your branding.

Most of the time, it’s what your clients see of your first. Beyond that is your website. Check in with yourself – how’s your branding showing up for you? If your overall branding is stuck in the past or looks subpar – your clients will notice and want to pay you as such.

If its time to set the bar with your branding at its best and done professionally, you’re in the right place.

Here's what we do here:

Lead Graphic and Web Designer
based in Atlanta, GA

Hey! I'm Olivia.

As a child, I used to draw patterns, doodle and trace pictures. I also loved technology and being on the computer. I remember getting my first laptop and loading it with tons of viruses after trying to download music that was not so legal. We’ve all been there, right?

Later in life, these natural talents landed me as a Marketing major at Georgia State University. The art and psychology behind growing your business online through modern technology drew me in. During and after earning my B.A., I worked at two pioneering companies that helped push me forward beyond the textbook marketing tactics. I learned how to navigate through Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, WordPress Web Design, and Graphic Design. This is where passion met preparation.

In 2016, I created Creatively Olivia to fill the gap from one small business to another looking to advance into digital marketing. Long gone are the before-tech marketing strategies now that modern technology now rules almost everything.

My best days are spent with my family and LAUNCH days for businesses I’ve helped to build.

I’d be glad to share a happy day with you!

something you'd never guess?

I’m a Proud Turtle Mom!

Cosmo and Wanda are 5 years old