5 Things Your Real Estate Website’s Homepage MUST have for Lead Generation

Your website is your digital first impression: how is yours holding up? The best real estate websites have a homepage that draws casual browsers into warm leads.

  • EASY NAVIGATION: Make it super easy for a user to find what they’re looking for. Whether that’s information about your services, policy, contact page, whatever. Use your homepage as your simple homebase.
  • AN OFFER: YOU are the expert, right? Grab browsers with an offer that gives them a bit of your expertise. In doing that, you’d at least obtain their email address for further communication.
  • YOUR STORY: Share your company’s story through your website’s opening copy. Put yourself in the shoes! Tell your story, highlight your experience, and let your prospective clients know how you’ve helped others in the past.
  • CTA: So many websites are built without sufficient Calls to Action. A CTA is literally how you tell a browser what to do…IE “Learn More” “Contact Us” etc.
  • REVIEWS: Celebrate your wins. Allow the clients to see what areas you work in and other transactions that might be identical to your potential client’s journey by sharing your reviews and visuals.

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